About Us



Churchill Portraits is owned and run by Gary & Carolyn Churchill Chavez. As an artist, Carolyn paints landscapes and portraits using acrylic and oil paints. Gary is an international award winning professional photographer. Some years ago they realized their combined talents could become the perfect union, much like their marriage for the past 34 years. Since that time they have perfected their art and dedicated themselves to creating beautiful family portraits; knowing every step of the way their clients will cherish these works of art for generations to come.  


“We consider it an honor to be allowed into people’s lives in this way. Nothing brings us more joy than to see the look on our clients face when we unveil their family portrait!” Caroyn Churchill Chavez


The Churchill Portraits Studio is located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula behind Gary & Carolyn's home. Alough some portraits are taken in studio, recent trends have led to the vast majority of portraits being captured in and around our clients home. 


* Churchill Portraits is a division of Gary Joseph Photography.