Churchill Portraits is a custom, boutique studio specializing in fine art portraiture. Whether you're looking for a traditional photographic portrait or a painted portrait masterpiece, our world class approach is customized for each client. Recognizing the unique personalities of each client, we strive to capture those qualities in a timeless piece of art. These endeavors have led to many of our clients becoming like family to us over the years. It’s an absolute privilege to work with such wonderful people, many of whom trust us to keep their identity private. Our goal is to simply capture the person or family as they are today. A moment in time that will be treasured for generations to come.


We do not considers ourselves a traditional photography studio. We are a portrait studio and photography is but one medium used to achieve our final result. Master artists of years past used every tool possible to create their art. And of course those tools were only as effective as the artists using them. We consider the camera, computer, tablet & stylus, props, brushes, canvass, studio lighting, oil and acrylic paints to be our tools of choice – tools that allow us to create our works of art. Simply put, we will use every tool available to achieve the most moving, enduring portraits possible. The camera is simply the beginning. We blend old and new to create timeless pieces of art, just for you.



Churchill Portraits creates traditional photographic portraits as well as painted portraits which integrate multiple mediums to create an exquisite piece of art. These one of a kind extraordinary heirlooms are a marriage between the realism of a photograph and the distinct richness of an oil painting. The end result is an eloquent expression of art; one to be cherished for generations to come.

Our attention to detail and "old world artistry" is why our masterpieces look and feel like true classic paintings. Because we do everything in house we control every step in the process, eliminating the risk of third party damage or substandard work. Our dedication to the art of portrait excellence is what makes Churchill Portraits unlike anything you will see today. 

Your involvement in the process is really quite simple:

  • Give us a call at 424.777.6064

  • Meet for Pre-Portriat Consultation.

  • The Portrait Experience.

  • The Portrait Art Selection.

  • The Portrait Installation (included).


We're readily available to serve the Los Angeles and Orange County vicinity. We are also capable of serving clients throughout the United States. Call for more details on how we can best serve you.

Pick up the phone and give us a call. We would love to hear from you! 424.777.6064